Natural Teeth Are An Asset Says Dr Ekta Chadha

Natural Teeth Are An Asset Says Dr Ekta Chadha

Natural teeth are an asset to be retained life-long. Gone are the days when some dental problems were considered to be a natural of old age. Today, with the advancement of dental science and with its specialized field like the aesthetic dentistry in place, your set of dental companions are no more a burden during your golden age. Age with grace and let your dental set and smile add to your mature beauty.

Some of the commonly occurring dental issues which are reported at The Smile Studio by our veteran visitors are of dry mouth, gum diseases, problems with dentures and even oral cancer.  Dry mouth causes makes it difficult to eat and taste food as less saliva generation helps bacteria growth and hence the tooth and gum become vulnerable to decay. Some symptoms of a potential gum disease during old age are red swollen gums and bleeding during brushing. Old age is also the time for you to consider a change in the denture as there are drastic changes in the shape of your mouth and gums. Do not forget to immediately consult your nearest dentist if you observe white or red patches on your gums or tongue, it could be the beginning of Oral cancer and one’s food and smoking habits in the early years have a lot to do with it.

Some of the other commonly occurring facial conditions during the golden age are like the deepening of your naso-labial fold or the smile line due to ageing. Exercising facial muscles and having right essential oils to maintain skin elasticity could be of great help. Wear and tear of the contact surface of the teeth due to reflex chewing and clenching action during sleep can cause loss of vertical height of the face, wearing a night guard is of help. Watch out for chipped teeth or cracks developed within the teeth due to excessive hot and cold teeth intakes. Last but not the least, if one has smoking or tobacco habits then some major dental troubles are in waiting during the retirement age. It is avoidable. In any case, don’t forget to whiten and brighten your smile with signature power cleaning and bleach for a better look.

(The writer is an aesthetic dentist and runs The Smile Studio in South Delhi.)

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