Get Picture-Perfect Smile With These Simple Tips By Dr Ekta Chadha!

Get Picture-Perfect Smile With These Simple Tips By Dr Ekta Chadha!

Achieving the perfect smile for your photographs is not tough anymore. Try smiling with teeth slightly parted and a quick swipe of your tongue over your teeth just before the photograph is taken can help your teeth to twinkle, making your smile look even better, says an expert.

Ekta Chadha, an expert in cosmetic dentistry in South Delhi, has provided some useful tips for getting a perfect smile.

  • Slightly Tilt: It is usually recommended to tilt your head slightly to the camera because most people have a-symmetrical faces. This also explains why one side of your face may photograph better than the other.
  • Check Your Teeth and Gums: If your teeth have yellowed with age, try a whitening product or visit your dentist. Correcting cracked, broken, or missing teeth will likely mean some time with a dental professional. Don’t forget about taking care of your gums. Brush, floss, and wash with an antibacterial mouthwash consistently.
  • Moisten Your Teeth: Just before a photograph is clicked, a quick swipe of your tongue over your teeth can help them to twinkle and add brightness to the photograph.
  • Smile With Your Teeth Slightly Parted: When your teeth are slightly parted during your smile, a more natural smile is conveyed. A very rigid appearance comes across when your teeth are together.
  • Practice: Your perfect smile won’t occur overnight. Experiment with your smile before a mirror. Keep your shoulders down and strike a natural, un-forced smile. You can likewise play around with turning your head and discovering your best angle.

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