Implants! Not for Everybody

Implants! Not for Everybody

When we speak about replacement of a missing tooth, all we are bothered about is to check the viability of the abutments to support the prosthesis .As a clinician; we want an uneventful healing of the extracted socket, so that we do not encounter complication.

We also emphasize on the healing of the underlying bone , control the infection if present and also prevent the migration of adjacent teeth to the extracted space .I do feel the need to use a treatment denture ,to support us in providing a more definitive prosthesis to the patient.

“When a foreign body, be it a prosthesis / implant is introduced in the oral cavity, it becomes critical as it a affects the outcome of the entire stomatognathic system”.

Carl Misch had very rightly said, and I quote “Implant dentistry does not guarantee a result, nor is it without complication”.

I also felt the need to educate a patients about the right treatment option rather than to convince him her for an implant!!!

The most important step of Diagnosis revisited!

  • When we see a missing tooth focus on the available bone density, stress factors , quality of bone , underlying systemic conditions and patients awareness of treatment modalities.
  • Most of the time atrophic edentulous ridges are associated with anatomical problems that impair a traditional treatment option.

Carl Misch, has said, “Most denture wearers eventually should have a complete implant supported restoration”. Yes but how early can you bring about this transition becomes apocryphal.

  • Implant failure because of early crestal bone loss, occlusal overload.

Treatment plans should incorporate methods to reduce stress and minimize its initial and long term complication. Increasing the surface area of the implant support system while giving consideration to decreasing the force by magnitude, its duration, direction or multiplication, can be crucial towards success.

I would like to reiterate and strengthen the fact that Diagnosis is the key to understand the dynamics of implant success.

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