Dental Myths Debunked

Dental Myths Debunked

MYTH: I should not brush my teeth if my gums are bleeding.

REALITY: Bleeding gums are often caused when dental plaque or food debris is not properly removed by regular brushing and flossing. If you notice that your gums become more prone to bleeding, it is a good idea to thoroughly and gently brush and floss them at least twice a day .If the bleeding continues, visit your dentist and obtain treatment.

MYTH: One set of dentures will last a lifetime.

REALITY: Soft and hard tissues beneath the dentures change over a period of time. Dentures need to be re-fabricated over a period as the dentures will become loose   and ill-fitting as age progress. 

MYTH: Root canal treatment requires a lot of visits to the dentist and is very painful

REALITY: With newer techniques, root canal treatment (RCT) is almost become painless and a patient friendly procedure. RCT with single sitting is gaining rapid popularity. Previously root canal treatment required minimum of 3 visits but now with the advancements in dental technology and materials the number of visits have been minimised. The number of visits for now depends on the condition of the tooth. 

MYTH: Cleaning teeth with charcoal / salt is very effective.

REALITY: Cleaning teeth with charcoal / salt can lead to abrasion of teeth as these particles are very coarse and can abrade the tooth surfaces. Cleaning of teeth should be done using a soft tooth brush and tooth paste regularly.

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