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A simple girl from Allahabad, Ekta Chadha came to Delhi when she got married into a family of well known doctors.

After coming to Delhi Ekta realized there was a prominent lacuna in dental services in the city and she went on to open the first Dental Smile Spa along the lines of similar facilities found internationally. As a result of her endeavors today you don’t have to travel to the south East Asian countries to avail this luxury any more.

A student of Allahabad St. Mary’s, Ekta had a vertical growth in terms of her education & family. She married an orthopedic surgeon, life started as a modest junior resident in Maulana Azad medical campus before she scaled the heights to be recognized as one of the leading dental practioners in the country.

Ekta was born in Allahabad to Ranjana and Joginder Gulati in year 1972. She has a younger brother. She studied dentistry at Buddha Institute, followed it up at Maulana Azad College at Delhi. With the complete support of her mother- in – law, then head of department Gynae & Obs in   Maulana Azad. she further studied in Bombay to further her skills in aesthetic dentistry in 1995, a relatively new branch in dentistry then.

As a successful dentist, Ekta says she owes a lot to her mentor Dr. Sandesh Mayker. Early on in life she realized that there is no shortcut to hard work and value of money. While practicing her profession she made a giant leap because of her personal attention to detail. A rented clinic in G.k 1 in 1997 was a humble beginning to the first dental smile studio with spa facilities at E 84 Greater Kailash -I. As a dental student, Ekta had always dreamt of having her own practice in a plush area. With the help of the bank loans (that also kept her grounded). she began to realize her dreams. With a smile on the face and a positive attitude to work her dream was fulfilled in 2003 when she set up a smile studio on the main road of Greater Kailash, Delhi. In her personal life too, there was fulfillment with birth of two children a gril and boy.

Ekta acknowledges that her husband now a senior consultant and heading his own orthopedic unit at Sir Ganga Ram hospital is her strength. He is an accomplished joint replacement surgeon, unlike most Indian men guided, supported, and pushed her in attaining the unthinkable. Very few women have made a mark as it is mostly dominated mostly by men. As a young girl she was interested in art and did her masters in computers way back in 1988.

These helped her develop a interest in aesthetic dentistry, because Ekta believed dentistry is a combination of art & science. She explains that understanding someone face profile and the smile is not an easy task. Just as beauty lies in the eyes of beholder, the key to a beautiful personality is in your smile.

Each smile line is different and understanding each one is imp



Where no teeth are visible when one smiles. It adds to the years and makes one look older. That is your former PM, Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Not known for his flair for fashion, Vajpayee switched on and off a distinctive smile -if only to throw off – guard his adversaries or to charm his electorate.


Where a lot of gums and teeth show, like in the smile of pretty


MEDIUM LIP LINE: Where one gets a glimpse of the front and lower teeth, like when Madhuri Dixit flashes her famous smile.

HIGH LIP SMILE: Where lips are thin and the upper teeth and gums are visible, as in

The smile of model Malaika Arora Khan.
Life changed when Ekta  turned ordinary girls into beautiful divas with a million dollar smile. Ekta’s favourite quote is – “A smile is an impressive way to change your looks

If you-don’t have a smile I’ll give you one of mine”

Various procedures like laser depigmentation, bleaching, laminates, veneers, thinners, lumineers – changed the way of you smile. Implants in Dentistry added another dimension. Her desire to keep abreast with the latest developments in dentistry, took Ekta to the state university  at Sunny Buffalo USA and then she followed it up with a post graduation in aesthetic dentistry in followed by one year program by implants. Later that year she decided to open a state of the art dental art laboratory to make metal free ceramic- work-in Delhi,  which till recently was only done Bombay

In 2006 Delhi ‘s major sealing drives  forced  her to shuut her clinic and join MAX hospitals. Since then she continues maintain her practice and work for Max hospital even though her own clinic is also now operational. And now Ekta takes yet another step forward by opening the first dental spa and a smile studio. All this with a smile of course!

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